Team Building Workshops
During a one-hour programme, 20-100 participants are taken
on a wild, wacky and funpacked rhythmic adventure that ends
with a BANG!!

With a truckload of bass drums, shakers, cowbells and other
noisy percussion instruments, your team will be transformed
into a colourful, pulsating, moving and grooving Samba troupe
ready to hit the streets a lá Carnivale...


Absolutely no prior musical experience is necessary.
fact, our unique approach to teaching/training ensures that all
team members play an important & active role as ‘musicians’
in the creation of the Samba troupe, regardless of skill or

We believe everyone deserves to be a star!!

CARNAVAL DRUMMING workshops are an exciting and dynamic
way to:
*  Build individual and team confidence
*  Stimulate creative thinking
*  Break down communication barriers
*  Improve clarity and focus
*  Release mental and physical stress
*  Invigorate and celebrate!

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ANZ team building workshop - December 2011
Collins Food Group - 2007
Baptist Community Services, Alstonville Team, April 2012
Baptist Community Services, Alstonville Team, April 2012