I've had the pleasure of being asked to perform on "lead snare drum" for
the "Samba-Blissta’s" on three occasions. Each one of these processions
was in community events; International Peace Day (Byron Peace Carnival),
Surfing the Cold stream Arts/Fringe Festival in Yamba and the Lismore
Lantern Parade.

Marching with this vibrant, colourful group, led by "drum major" Paul
Barrett, I could see the joy & excitement that the Blisstas create. First
hand, Paul is an exceptional Bandleader, conducting with precision and
humour! This band has a big sound, big costumes, and a big heart. I
recommend this group for any occasion, be it Community Parades, Arts
Festivals, Weddings, Parties anything!!!
Greg Sheehan (the Rolf Harris of percussion... A real Legend)

We've danced with the Samba-Blisstas at the exciting charity party "Latino
NIght" at the Ewingsdale hall. It was so much fun to dance with your
unique Australian-style Samba (especially when i saw the wobble board, it
cracked me up). The energy coming out from the band was enourmous
that gave us the joy to Dance. We've never had such a exciting show like
this that made us all happy. We are looking forward to dance with the

Keep spreading your inspiration and energy!
Mari Takashima/ Monica Lunardon

Surfing The Coldstream was the first ever large-scale outdoor arts/fringe
festival in the Clarence Valley. The highlight of this 2-day inaugural event
was a theatrical procession aimed at breaking the audience “parade” habit
of simply staring and waving by allowing them to become involved as
participants. This could not have happened as successfully as it did without
the participation of Paul Barrett’s Samba-Blisstas.

They were highly professional in their approach yet easy to work with, all
wonderfully costumed and best of all they managed to intermix a wild
sense of musical abandon with a high degree of awareness of crowd
control and public safety. I cannot recommend them enough. There are
drummers and there are drummers, but Paul Barrett’s Samba-Blisstas &
Carnaval Drumming are guaranteed to take any event to the next level.
Dom Ferry, Director - "Surfing The Coldstream" Arts/Fringe Festival.
Yamba, NSW, Australia.
Chairman - Clarence Coast Cultural Committee

Samba Blisstas have been a major part of the award winning Lismore
Lantern Parade since they arrived on the Northern Rivers in 2003. They are
brilliant, professional and wonderful to work with. The dynamic energy of
Samba Blisstas adds magic to an event, taking it from great to fantastic.
We love 'em!
Jyllie Jackson, Artistic Director
Light n Up Australia - Lismore Lantern Parade
Testimonials & Paul Barrett Bio
Paul Barrett & Greg Sheehan at "Surfing the
Coldstream" Yamba NSW (October 2005)
Brisbane Samba Girls, "Latino NIght" at the
Ewingsdale Hall
Dom Ferry, Director Surfing the Coldstream
Jyllie Jackson (Lantern Queen)
& Paul Barrett 2006
"The best team building exercise I've ever done!  
Sharon Frazer, Purchasing Officer

"What a great team building exercise! It was so
much fun learning skills we never thought we had. I
still cannot believe that the 40 of us were all in time."
Naomi Egan, Accounts Payable Officer

"EVERYBODY loved this activity - it was the highlight
of our Conference! Thanks for a fantastic afternoon -
how will we ever top it?!"
Kirsten Parker, Executive Assistant

"I've been to a lot of conference events in my career,
but this is the best activity I've ever participated in!!
The whole team was 'buzzing' at the end of the
David Nash, Chief Financial Officer Australia

Comments from Collins Food Group employees,
2006 Gold Coast, Qld.

Paul Barrett has been associated with most of the major
events of Western Australia over the last  ten years.  In
particular he has worked directly for me on the last two
consecutive Christmas Pageants and the Perth Royal Show.  
He also performed in the opening of the 10th API Rally
Australia, an international event, and is contracted to
perform at the forthcoming Rottnest Island Festival.

As producer and/or coordinator of these events I have found
Paul to be extremely adaptable to work with, particularly in
areas where I require high energy performances full of sound
and colour.

Paul has numerous talents outside his musical attributes,
including mime and cartooning which he also does well.

I take this opportunity to thank Paul for his efforts over the
past years and highly recommend his talents.  I'm sure he
will not disappoint anyone who contracts his services.

Yours sincerely
Russell Lanyon
The Events Man
Pageant, Skyworks, Perth Royal Show, Coordinator Rally
Australia, Rottnest Island Festival and World Swimming
YOUTUBE: Freo Samba Testamonials 2003
Percussionist and cartoonist Paul Barrett has
been very experimental in the last 25 years of his
percussive and performance career.  Among his
many achievements, Paul has founded no less
than 6 percussion bands: Azuma, Batula
Drummers, Photo Percussion, One Pulse and the
famous 'Curry Boyz' and from 2003 Co-ordinator
and Musical Director of the 'SAMBA-BLISSTAS',
based in the Byron Shire, Northern NSW.