Flaming Bongos! It’s the Samba-Blisstas!

Thundering through the streets in their wild whacky costumes and
riotous red rhythms, this silly syncopated street troupe will leave you
sweaty and screaming for more!

The Samba-Blisstas are a 20-45 piece extravaganza of art on
the move, based on the East coast of Australia.

CARNAVAL DRUMMING is inspired and modelled on the Brazilian
form of samba street Percussion. It originated in Perth, which now
has the biggest samba movement in Australia. Paul Barrett
(Musical Director and Founder) moved to the East Coast in 2003
and hasn't stoped creating community Samba Teams since then.

Put simply, the Samba-Blisstas make a festival a FESTIVAL!!

The group consists of many colourful members from the local
community: Midwives, Teachers, Students, Travellers, Lawyers,
Farmers, Bank Clerks, Parents, ex-Musicians etc etc.

Today, there are 3 samba 'crews' based on the north coast of
Northern NSW, all of which are open to
new members. Venues are:

Bangalow Pavilion Hall : Tuesday nights 6-8pm
"The Samba-Blisstas" Training Nights ($20)

Kingscliff Bowling Club Function Room: Wednesdays 6.30-8pm
"The King-Blisstas" Try a drop in session! ($20)

Ballina Masonic Centre Hall: Thursdays 7-8.30pm
"The Ballina-Blisstas" ($20)

The Samba Blisstas are always keen to get on the street or the
stage soon and play at your event.

The Samba Blisstas first album/CD
"In your Incubus" is now availalble at:
  • Three Worlds (Burleigh Heads, Byron Bay and Brisbane)
  • Grooven Byron  Bay (3/103 Jonson St)
  • All events and from iTunes

Or email your order
About the Samba Blisstas & Carnaval Drumming
Lismore Lantern Parade 2011